Do you want to make your child’s learning less stressful and more interesting? Here’s the best way to do that! All you need to do is to start engaging your child in creative and educational learning activities for kids, preschoolers and grade-schoolers. There are abundant Online School and Education Platforms that offer various learning programs or courses that will help your child to develop problem-solving skills and enhance thinking capability. Let’s have a look at the top 4 creative and educational learning activities that are offered by online kids’ learning platforms and that will make your child’s learning more fun-loving:

Learn to read with phonics: If you have a toddler or a child in their first year of pre-primary schooling, then you might have come across the word “Phonics”. Phonics is one of the best learning activities to teach your child how to read and write. This educational activity helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that differentiate from one word to another word. There are various ways by which you can prepare your child to read and write such as by playing games that involve the hunt for letters, making alphabet books, etc. Another way is by enrolling your child at Brit Star – Online School and Education Platform where your child will learn alphabets, poems etc. This online platform will not only allow the child to read but also allow them to acquire learning through listening using the in-built audio feature being introduced.

Develop Counting Skills through numbers rhymes, games etc: You can help your child to learn counting by playing games that let them physically touch the things/objects they are counting. According to a recent research study, it has been identified that hands-on learning activities activate kid’s brain much faster and thus help them learn in a better way. However, you can also let your child learn counting through interactive lessons offered by Brit Star – Online School and Education Platform, where your child will be taught counting numbers through number rhymes, number games, etc.

Storytelling with pebbles or stones: Storytelling with stones or pebbles is one of the great teaching tools used to develop the communication skills of preschoolers and kids. Decorated or painted stones are used in storytelling to build a narrative. Such types of creative learning activities help in inculcating language skills among kids & preschoolers and also help to encourage their imagination. Storytelling through stones helps kids to create stories and narrate those stories by combing or placing stones/pebbles.

Learn colours through puzzles: Colour puzzles is another most creative and educational learning activities for kids and preschoolers. One of the benefits of such puzzles is that it not only teaches colours to kids and preschoolers but also help them to develop motor skills while figuring out how to place different coloured pieces to complete the puzzle. Moreover, kids love to play with colours so such activities make their learning more interesting and creative.

In nutshell, let your preschoolers and kids develop motor skills, communication skills through the above-mentioned creative and educational learning activities. You can also enroll your child at Brit Star –Online School and Education Platform where live online classes, interactive courses, and video lectures are offered to enhance your kids’ learning and boost problem-solving skills.


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