Privacy Policy

Brit Star-Online KG School is committed to provide the quality services to kids and parents. Our privacy policy drafted by BAIPTO (British American International Profession and Trade Organization ) and Lam Aid Ltd outlines the binding terms of our services in respect to the ways we manage your personal information. This Agreement binds you legally to use our website services and related mobile app services, in the following ways:-

Collection of Personal Information

a) We collect personal information of the users associated with our website/ mobile app services as an opinion or information that helps in identifying an individual uniquely. We collect personal information associated with the users such as their phone number, name, address, email address, etc.

b) The personal information is collected from the users of Brit Star website or app in various ways such as by telephone, email, our website, cookies, and from other related third parties. Moreover, we do not guarantee website links or policy associated with the third parties.

c) We might collect your personal information for different purposes such as for providing you our services, providing information to our clients for the purpose of marketing.

d) Apart from this, we might also collect your personal information for secondary purposes and you might unsubscribe from our marketing, mailing at any point of time, however, for this you are required to contact us by writing.

e) Wherever possible, we might provide you an explanation regarding why we are collecting your personal information and how we are planning to us it.

Service Information

Our Privacy Policy includes the service information that will be used by us for following purposes:

a) For secondary purpose that is associated directly with the primary purpose.

b) For Primary purpose due to which you need to provide your personal information to us.

Third Parties

Since we collect your personal  information for secondary and primary purposes, hence we might provide your personal information to the third parties associated with us, wherever it’s reasonable and practicable to provide your information. However, we ensure that we will take reasonable steps for making you aware regarding your personal information that is being provided to the third party.

Personal Information Disclosure

Following are the circumstances in which your personal information might be disclosed:

a) Your personal information might be disclosed where authorised or required by law.

b) Where your consent for using or disclosure of information is required.

Personal Information Security

We store your personal information in such a manner that it cannot be misused by anyone and cannot be accessed by anyone in an unauthorised manner. Moreover, in case we find that your personal information is not used for the purpose for which it was obtained from you, then we take the responsibility of permanently de-identify or destroy your personal information.


a) Brit Star Online KG School is for small kids and their parents.

b) You further confirm to abide by all the terms and conditions of our website and you intent to pursue courses for your kids by making payment of prescribed course fee.

c) Moreover, we reserve the rights to deactivate your account whether you are a teacher, parent or kid, in case we find that personal information provided by you is not appropriate and up to date.


The course material available at Brit Star Online KG School website/mobile app is governed under our privacy policy and we ensure to protect your privacy.

Terms of Use for Parents/Teachers or other Members

a) We reserve the rights to disable the access of the free lessons as well as courses to the user of the website whether the courses and lessons are accessed by the teachers/parents on the review of their activity, status, it might deem fit, with due intimation to the enrolled kid’s parents.

b) You agree to abide by terms of use of Brit Star and agree not to create more than one profile by single person on Brit Star App/ Website.

c) The content or other information that is provided by you on Brit Star website is accurate and correct, and you need to provide proof for providing any information on Brit Star website or app.

d) We also reserve the rights to undertake the strict actions if found any misuse with any information of the kids/parents/teachers associated with Brit Star Online KG School.

e) You are not allowed to use the automated processes (IRC Bots, CGI, EXE’s) in order to review the Brit Star website or app’s programs or other related content.

f) Being teacher/ parent of the kids that are registered on Brit Star Website/ App confirms that you have read the terms and conditions of this website/app and you further agree to abide by them.

For any Enquires, contact information

For any questions, please contact us by writing to us at or