Every parent wants his or her child to do well in school. The problem is not usually that mom and dad aren’t capable of this. It’s just that the parent doesn’t know the best way to help. After all, not many parents have a background or training in educational techniques or child psychology.

Seeking a little insight? Here are some ways to help your child succeed in school. Hint: It’s definitely not about being an expert in any specific subject matter. After all, the skills smart kids need to succeed go beyond the books.

Remember, these techniques take both time and patience to show results – don’t expect miracles overnight. Add these 10 top tips to your own “homework” to guide your kids.

1. Teach them that learning is their ‘job.’

Parents often ask what they can do to get their child interested in a particular subject or task. Lesson No. 1 is the most important lesson a child can learn about school: No one cares whether or not a child is interested in something. Of course, children learn better when they find the subject matter interesting, but what children really need to learn is that they must also learn things that they don’t find particularly interesting. That’s the job children have.

2. Aim high.

You don’t have to be a Tiger mom, but you have to realize that parental expectations have a huge impact when it comes to student performance. If you don’t expect your child to do well, your expectations will likely be met.

3. Distinguish studying from learning.


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