Are you worried about your kid’s educational performance during the COVID-19 pandemic? Even before the outbreak of Coronavirus, Online Schooling and Online Education were growing at an exceptional pace, and at present, it has been adopted by almost all the educational institutions and private institutes worldwide. As the Coronavirus has spread across the globe, various countries have imposed temporary lockdown in their countries, creating a significant impact on more than 91% of the students all over the world. Parents are worried about their kid’s learning and struggling to keep their child’s education or learning on track during this global pandemic.

According to the report of Global Learning Technology Investment Partners-2019, EdTech companies made an investment of more than $18 billion in 2019. This was done by keeping in mind the importance of E-learning in kid’s education. E-learning has evolved as a new paradigm in the education system during the lockdown. Let’s explore the importance of E-learning in Kid’s Education during a global pandemic:

Competency-based online learning: E-learning allows students to acquire transferable competencies and skills. One of the main aspects associated with the student is that each student has a different learning style and during regular offline classes the level of engagement sometimes goes unaddressed. Many students hesitate to interact with their teacher during offline classes and this might be due to domineering students or peer competition in the class. Hence, online classes or E-learning has provided the ability as well as the flexibility for students to drive their learning competency.

Improved attendance: E-learning has the potential to improve the attendance of the students at a significant level. Since the COVID-19 outbreak has forced educational institutions to adopt online classes, there has been considerable improvement in the students’ attendance. The Pro-digital and Tech-savvy generation of the present world loves the concept of online classes as it has eliminated the need to travel long distances for classes. Moreover, online classes or E-learning has increased the interaction and participation level among the students.

Trackable Learning: E-learning has been considered to be advantageous to not only students but to parents as well. Parents can easily track the learning and performance of their children through online classes. Online learning platforms for students such as the Brit Star-Online School and Education learning website allows students as well as parents to track the learning performance. Since the data of the students’ learning is stored online; parents, students, as well as teachers, can track the progress and performance of students online. This, in turn, helps teachers to create online classes as per the learning patterns of the students.

High Engagement: E-learning allows students to learn through visual simulations and interactive course materials that include online quizzes, live webinars, etc. Interactive course content helps in increasing the students’ engagement as such course contents include learning through story-telling, play-games, audio-video lessons, etc.

Online Schooling and Education plays a significant role in tracking the learning & attendance of students and helps in enhancing the engagement in learning. Hence, E-learning is important in Kid’s education during COVID-19 not only because it helps to provide a safe learning environment, but also help in providing competency-based online learning to students.


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