1. Preschool, Nursery, Lower KG, Upper KG Classes
  2. Live Online Classes direct from India
  3. Saved Video Classes for unlimited revision
  4. British Standard Education with Montessori Style Courses – lots of Games, Cartoons, Quizzes, Fun and Entertainment
  5. World class Certified & Trained Female teachers
  6. Monday – Friday – 9am to 2pm – Live Classes everyday from India
  7. Different Time Zones for different Regions are strictly followed for the comfort and convenience of Kids
  8. 4 Intakes – January, April, July, September
  9. Two terms/ Semesters (of 5-6 months each) every year
  10. Easily affordable Tuition & Admission fees
  11. Flexible Payment Terms – Payment in Two Installments
  12. Instructional Language – British English plus
  13. Lifetime Opportunity to Learn Additional Languages - Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Chinese and Arabic
  14. Arabic language for beginner is free for all
  15. Certificate from UK on completion

Teachers can join live class, view assigned courses or videos. Along with this, from the teacher’s portal, teachers can also view enrolled students applied under their courses, add quiz with a video course or a lesson, edit/add questions in quiz, add/edit answer options and correct answers, search quiz or a question, view progress report of a student, search student, send message to the student/parent, add comments to a progress report, search parent, chat with admin and parent.

Parents need to login with their email and password for viewing their own as well as profile of their kid. Parents can search teachers, view progress report of their ward, view class timings, view messages from teacher, receive class timings notifications in email and app, send messages to the teacher, send feedback regarding teacher and a course. Along with this, parents can also view as well as download the teacher notes and view courses or index of contents. Parents can view the student or kid’s portal and view live class schedule or webinars scheduled.

Initially, parents need to register on the Brit Star Website or mobile app by providing necessary details such as email address, mobile number. Once the parent’s email is verified, they can log in into their account and edit their profile and upload their profile image. Parents can enroll their kid under a specific course and view the course description. Some courses are available for free and for some courses parents need to pay specific course amount through PayPal. Courses that are available for free allow kids to watch the videos for free and view the course content; on the other hand, the paid courses do not allow kids to watch videos for free. In addition to this, Kids can attend the webinars i.e. live classes and mark attendance automatically for a class and day when a student watches a video for minimum daily routine. From the kid’s portal, attendance report can be viewed and quiz results can be saved with a date after attending quiz for a specific course. Kids can also watch education games and watch educational cartoons that are associated with his course through external links.

BritStar provides live online video classes to learn while your kids spends time with family also.

For an optimal experience, Brit Star KG School recommends using a device that can support Adobe Flash Player, which is used in some courses to provide audio and visual effects. This includes most desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and notebooks. iOS devices are supported using Safari or Google Chrome for most of the activities. We do not recommend using Kindle devices as they are not supported.

Our recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.In order to have the best possible experience with Brit Star KG School, a recent version of Adobe Flash Player must be installed and enabled on your computer. Flash technology is used for audio and visual effects and will improve your experience with Brit Star KG School lessons and graphics.

A computer (PC or Mac) or a mobile with “fast access” (DSL or cable modem) to the Internet is ideal. We do not recommend using cellular data or mobile hotspots.

Yes, Brit Star is a registered online education provider organization in UK and our course curriculum is designed according to British education Standards. Our certificateand courses are valid for enrollment of kids to any regular course for next grade in any school worldwide.

Not directly. But Parents have the option to select a different grade math, science and language arts as an option. This will also grant kids access to that grade.

Our support team and the Brit Star KG School community are here to help you. You can get help in a number of ways: Call Brit Star KG School: We can be contacted at +44 0744 030 4828. We answer the phones Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) and on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). Email Brit Star KG School: We answer emails seven days a week.

Yes, Brit Star is a registered online education provider organization in UK and we provide certificate for any completed course which is according to British education Standards and is recognized world wide.

Yes, Brit Star Provides transcript in the form of report card which can be viewed thorugh Kid, parent and Teacher logins.

During the signup process, parents are asked to select a grade level for their kid(s). If you are not sure what grade to enroll your kid in, that’s okay. Simply choose the grade level that you think might be a good starting point based on your child’s academic background. Whatever selections you choose for your kids, parents are ALWAYS able to make changes. You can change the grade level or course selections at anytime through the Parent Dashboard, and requests will be processed from next billing cycle.

The preschool to fifth-grade curriculum consists of standards-based Language Arts, Basic Science, Math , GK, EVS, Spirituality, Creative Arts & Activity, Vernaculars (Hindi & Bengali) etc.   The language arts curriculum is presented in a suggested sequence designed to create a strong literacy foundation. It includes phonics, grammar, reading, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, writing skills, and more. The language arts curriculum correlates to British standard.   The math curriculum combines multimedia lessons, interactive activities and reinforcing worksheets to teach basic arithmetic, number sense and operations, measurement, geometry and more. The math curriculum correlates to British standard.   The preschool to eighth-grade curriculum also offers social studies and science for most grade levels. Social studies lessons are available to kids at the second through the seventh-grade level. Social studies may need to be supplemented to satisfy your local requirements.   Science is available to kids at the first through the eighth-grade level, and is organized as follows:

  1. Elementary Science is offered from first to fifth grade and is organized by grade level. Although the materials are extensive, it does not correlate to all state standards and is not animated.
  2. Middle School Science is offered at the sixth to eighth-grade level. It is organized into three primary courses that correlate to British standard: Earth/Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. In addition, Nature of Science is provided as an added supplement with each of the middle school science courses.

In addition to the subjects specified below, Brit Star KG School includes the following:

  1. Comprehensive lesson plans, resources, and teaching tools for parents to visualize and better prepare for every step of the teaching process.
  2. Convenient answer keys accompany tests, quizzes, and worksheets and are available to parents in both online and in print.
  3. An Activity Planner to successfully plan out a whole school year, a few months or a couple of weeks Time-saving automated grading and reports that automatically track and record your kid’s progress
  4. Access to multiple grade and course levels so you can customize the curriculum to your kid’s skill level with unlimited changes.
  5. A secure, ad-free, online learning environment for your kids to learn.
  6. 24/7 access to our online curriculum.

Pricing depends on the grade level of your kids:   For more Information or Fees/ Admission related Inquiries, please call us at: +44 0744 030 4828 or write to us at: admission@britstar.org.uk or admin@britstar.org.uk   Your billing cycle begins on the day of registration and members are billed every 30 days. Brit Star KG School has no hidden fees, Parents must withdraw their kid’s enrollment through their Parent Dashboard. Once an account is cancelled, members will only have access to the program and kid reports until the end of their billing cycle.

There are many reasons Brit Star KG School works well with exceptional kids. Every child has his or her own combination of gifts, skills, needs, and difficulties with learning, so each deserves a learning program suited to his or her needs. Brit Star KG School is great for educating both gifted kids and those with special needs because:

  1. The levels for learning are independently set for each child, helping those who perform or progress at different levels.
  2. Brit Star KG School includes extra practice that allows kids to develop strong foundational skills.
  3. The program allows kids to go at their own pace and even repeat lessons if needed.
  4. The lessons are planned in such a manner that they use exercises to stimulate the visual, auditory, and motor skills of kids with multisensory activities.

Yes! Brit Star KG School parents has flexible class timings and can assist with planning out your School at Home year. We understand that some parents prefer to see a structured list of what their kids should do and when, and there are parents who prefer a more flexible, less structured approach. We accommodate both these styles, as well. Whichever approach you prefer, Brit Star KG School has tools that support all parents.

Brit Star KG School does not provide its curriculum to schools. Brit Star KG School is intended to be used in the home as a School, but  any School or Educational Institute can affiliate itself to Brit Star School.

Your child’s learning style will be of huge help when choosing a School at Home program, that is why it is important to know your child academically, when you first start School at Brit Star. The curriculum's checklist of Brit Star will help you make an informed decision when choosing a School at Home program.

Not really. Virtual schools are online schools that are usually part of either a public or private school, therefore someone other than the parent is responsible for selecting the curriculum and ultimately the education of your child.

No. Each family is unique and it’s upto you to decide how long you want to School at Home. Remember though, it’s easy to move in and out of School at Brit Star, so you can School at Home for a few years, and after that send your child back to school either after Preschool, Nursery, KG or Primary.

Brit Star offers activities such as field trips, play dates, and other fun events for families and kids to take part in together. If you will be doing the teaching, School at Brit Star groups can be helpful in connecting you with other parents who can be a sounding board when you have questions.

This is a common concern for parents. At Brit Star KG online school, ;parents can monitor the progress of their child themselves. They can discuss their issues with teachers and Brit Star support. Ultimately it’s up to your parenting to best determine how you will measure progress.

One of the great aspects of School at Brit Star is the flexibility it provides. Unlike traditional schools where children follow a strict schedule, School at Brit Star allows your children to learn when it’s convenient for your family. Since School at Brit Star offers a more personal approach to learning, you’ll find that your children don’t need to spend 6 hours a day sitting at a desk doing work. Depending on your child’s grade, they will typically spend between 2-4 hours a day School at Brit Star. Depending on your preferences and extracurricular schedule, you can also decide to School at Home 5 days a week or less.

This all depends on an individual family’s budget. There really isn’t a specific amount that it costs to School at Home. Regardless of where you are financially, it’s important to try to avoid one of the biggest mistakes new School at Brit Star families make: spending a ton of money without knowing how their kid learns best. That’s why Brit Star KG School is a good option. We offer month-to-month billing and the option to start, stop, and even pause your membership at any time.

Parents who have made the decision to School at Home can start anytime. You don’t have to wait until the traditional school year ends. Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to enroll your child to Brit Star KG school, it’s important that you take some time to get to know your child from an academic perspective. Many families usually take a few weeks to discover how their child learns best, when their children are most productive, which subjects they excel in, which topics pose more of a challenge, etc. Doing so will help you determine when your child is ready for a course at Brit Star,

Many families new to online KG School at Brit Star think about it from the literal perspective. Does the school supplies what I need? Which workbooks should I buy for the kid? How do I set up my child’s learning room?. Our free tutorials for parents tell about all this.

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