Initially, parents need to register on the Brit Star Website or mobile app by providing necessary details such as email address, mobile number. Once the parent’s email is verified, they can log in into their account and edit their profile and upload their profile image. Parents can enroll their kid under a specific course and view the course description. Some courses are available for free and for some courses parents need to pay specific course amount through PayPal. Courses that are available for free allow kids to watch the videos for free and view the course content; on the other hand, the paid courses do not allow kids to watch videos for free. In addition to this, Kids can attend the webinars i.e. live classes and mark attendance automatically for a class and day when a student watches a video for minimum daily routine. From the kid’s portal, attendance report can be viewed and quiz results can be saved with a date after attending quiz for a specific course. Kids can also watch education games and watch educational cartoons that are associated with his course through external links.


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