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  • English
    • Rhymes with alphabet sound A to Z (Introduction of alphabets Aa to Ff) (2020-09-01 03:00 AM GMT)
      25 min
  • Maths
    • Write in figures 1-50. (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      25 min
  • Conversation
    • Myself (2020-09-01 03:00 AM GMT)
      30 min
  • EVS
    • TRANSPORT (2020-09-01 03:30 AM GMT)
      15 min
  • Hindi
    • Recognition of the first vowel sound of the Hindi varnamala अ-ई and objects starting withअ-ई. (2020-09-01 03:30 AM GMT)
      10 min
  • Bengali
    • Recognition of the first vowel sound of the BENGALI varnamala অ আ ই ঈ and objects starting withঅ আ ই ঈ. (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      10 min
  • Moral and value education
    • Honesty (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      10 min
  • story telling
    • The Pied Piper of Hamelin (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      15 min

Upper KG (Batch-1)


While doing the topic TRANSPORT students will be able to identify different modes of transport and the vehicles used for each mode.The topic can be introduced by a poem. ” Take a bus/Or take a train/Take a boat/Or take a plane/Take a taxi/Take a car/May be near or may be far/Take a rocket and go to moon/But where ever you go, come back soon. As a class discussion children can be asked about travelling, how they went to a certain place and what mode of transport they used. Children are told about transport used on land, air and water. Different pictures of transport of the three means are shown to them. Children will get a clear idea of the type of transport used to travel short distances or long distances.

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