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  • English
    • Rhymes with alphabet sound A to Z (Introduction of alphabets Aa to Ff) (2020-09-01 03:00 AM GMT)
      25 min
  • Maths
    • Write in figures 1-50. (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      25 min
  • Conversation
    • Myself (2020-09-01 03:00 AM GMT)
      30 min
  • EVS
    • TRANSPORT (2020-09-01 03:30 AM GMT)
      15 min
  • Hindi
    • Recognition of the first vowel sound of the Hindi varnamala अ-ई and objects starting withअ-ई. (2020-09-01 03:30 AM GMT)
      10 min
  • Bengali
    • Recognition of the first vowel sound of the BENGALI varnamala অ আ ই ঈ and objects starting withঅ আ ই ঈ. (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      10 min
  • Moral and value education
    • Honesty (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      10 min
  • story telling
    • The Pied Piper of Hamelin (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      15 min

Upper KG (Batch-1)

Rhymes with alphabet sound A to Z (Introduction of alphabets Aa to Ff)

Showing the children the letters A B C D E F written big on a piece of mount board along with the same letters in lower case and pictures related to it. The mentioned alphabets are pronounced and the children are made familiar with the sound of those letter. Children will write both capital and small letters e.g. Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff. They will write full page. Letters Aa to Ff written big in size will help the children to visualise the pattern of the letters. Pictures of objects beginning with the letters will be helpful for building vocabulary.The sound of the letters will make them understand that while saying the letter and saying the first sound of the word is different. For homework in the activity book, the children will paste pictures related to the mentioned letters.

HW: Childeren will paste pictures of objects starting with A-F other than the ones shown in the class in their activity book and write the capital and small letters beside it

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