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 Is Your Child Ready for Elementary Schooling?

Your Next Stop! Brit Star, an online schooling family.

As part of our Special Launch Offer, first 40 students will be exempted from paying any fee, both Admission and Tuition Fees will be entirely waived off.

  1. Monthly Tuition Fees = $15 = 1050 INR = 1200 BDT will be applicable from 41ststudent onward.
  2. Complete Academic Year = $15 * 12 months = $180



Welcome to online schooling!



Our motto – Excellence, Respect, Integrity.

  1. Aiming for excellence!
  2. Linking learning to life!
  3. Give your child the best start with a world of opportunities!
  4. Brit Star Online KG School gives your child a chance to shine and enrich oneself with early care and education.
  5. This is the best place to start developing the brightest minds, and we consider your children to be our children.


At BRIT STAR, we are a family of learners building character and inspire children for a bright future. Your dreams are locked with a key and our Online School unlocks it!

We teach you learn and strive for the best. Brit Star is a happy place to be because We Work Best When We Work Together! Learning to do their best, work with others and be safe, fair and kind.

We are the only online school to have a global platform and we feel diversity is our strength. Kindergarten in Brit Star comprises a range of early childhood educational practices. We follow the playway method where children learn the concept with activities and videos so that they can retain it for a longer period of time.

We in Brit Star feel the first years of your child’s school are very important and at the age of five when he/she is in the transition period from preschool to primary level.


  1. We teach the children to be focused and not to quit in the face of adversity.
  2. We inculcate the feeling of cooperation and encourage teamwork.
  3. We help the child to explore the world of science.
  4. We help the children to develop good reading habit and be a good listener.
  5. We also try our best to instill precious values of life in the child.
  6. The lessons taught help the child to relate to life skills and become self-sufficient.
  7. As this is a global platform the children imbibe a cosmopolitan outlook and as they grow up, they will be at ease anywhere in the world.


Children will be given the basic knowledge on English, Mathematics, Conversation, Environmental Science, Vernacular where they will learn facts and relate it to their everyday life. Importance of Value and Moral Education alongwith Stories, Rhymes, etc. will be introduced at the child’s pace.

So, don’t hesitate and grab this opportunity to give the best education to your child.

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  • English
    • Rhymes with alphabet sound A to Z (Introduction of alphabets Aa to Ff) (2020-09-01 03:00 AM GMT)
      25 min
  • Maths
    • Write in figures 1-50. (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      25 min
  • Conversation
    • Myself (2020-09-01 03:00 AM GMT)
      30 min
  • EVS
    • TRANSPORT (2020-09-01 03:30 AM GMT)
      15 min
  • Hindi
    • Recognition of the first vowel sound of the Hindi varnamala अ-ई and objects starting withअ-ई. (2020-09-01 03:30 AM GMT)
      10 min
  • Bengali
    • Recognition of the first vowel sound of the BENGALI varnamala অ আ ই ঈ and objects starting withঅ আ ই ঈ. (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      10 min
  • Moral and value education
    • Honesty (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      10 min
  • story telling
    • The Pied Piper of Hamelin (2020-09-01 04:30 AM GMT)
      15 min


User Avatar ParomitaBasu

I am Paromita Basu, from Kolkata, India. I am a convent educated and a B.A, T.T.C and B.Ed. from IGNOU. I have 15 years of teaching experience in DPS. Teaching is my passion.

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