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SKIN – INR 8500 = BDT 10,000 = USD 115 , DURATION- 1 MONTH

HAIR- INR 15,000 = BDT 17,000 = USD 200, DURATION- 2 MONTHS

MAKEUP- INR 10,000 = BDT 12,000 = USD 135, DURATION- 1 MONTH


SKIN + HAIR + MAKEUP- INR 24,500 = BDT 28,000 = USD $ 350


Course Overview :

Some people like to make others beautiful, if you are one of them then Beauty & Hair Professional Course is the answer. This course is a great way to turn your hobby into a lucrative profession.
The term ‘beautician’ can include many specialties, the most common of which are aesthetics and cosmetology. Cosmetology is a broad field of study involving hair styling, skin care and makeup. Students can train through certificate programs or associate’s degree programs.
A successful beautician knows that a perfect beauty career involves a complete make-over of a person with extensive skin treatment, make-up and stylish haircuts. It is also about  making a  client feel good about themselves and enhance their self-confidence.

Beauty Professional Course Can Help You In Many ways. Here’s a look:
1) We will train you and provide you certificate for a beautician job in a growing Salon industry.
2) We will provide you The British certificate and you will get international recognition as a beautician.
3) We will give you the knowledge, which you need to advise your clients and perform the various treatments, also you will be eligible for counseling.
4) You will be able to earn higher salary, you can open your own Salon business or work from home.

One of the greatest benefit of beauty & hair professional course is that it helps you be a Professional Beauty Therapist, which could be a very rewarding career. In addition to your knowledge and skills in beauty treatment, you will be able to discover new trends and skills as well as unleash your inner creative side.

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