Teaching Methodology

Play-Way Learning Techniques

Best Online KG School for Kids uses different play-way learning techniques for kids. We provide pre-nursery classes online to kids, that help in their overall development by enhancing their skills and intellectual knowledge. This learning method also helps in developing social skills and confidence among kids.

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Online Video Classes for Kids Learning

Live Online Video Classes

The children must be prepared at an early stage of their life in all aspects in order to make them capable to compete with today’s world. At different stages of their life they learn different things and at the age of 4 or 5 children learn the ways to interact with people, learn about their family ethics, life since they grow up in homes. So for inculcating the ethics and preparing them for the competition of the world outside, we have developed an online school for toddlers for providing live online video classes to the children.

Educational Games and Cartoons

Brit Star is best learning website for kids which is developed with the purpose to provide quality online learning to your kids. We use games, cartoons and other related activities for enabling your child to grasp different concepts easily. Cartoons and games help them in enhancing their performance during their online learning at home.

Online Games for Kids
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Different Courses and Miscellaneous Subjects

We provide learning through different language courses such as Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Bengali, Arabic, etc. Apart from these language courses we provide online classes based on different miscellaneous subjects such as Maths, Science, English. Moreover, we have some preliminary courses available for nursery, pre-school and KG kids.