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Innovative Methods of Teaching

Learning to listen to sounds

Learning to listen to sounds

Learning to Listen Sounds are one of the hallmarks of teaching spoken language through listening. Learn why they’re so important, how to help families implement them in daily routine, and what common pitfalls to avoid .

Painting Competition

Painting Competition

Creative activities like painting help in the development of the brain. The right side of the brain is used for emotional and creative responses, while the left side of the brain focuses on analytical processes and logic.

Reading simple texts

Reading simple texts

Learning to read should be an enjoyable process in order to keep kids motivated to improve. Sometimes a child might be full of excitement and eagerness to learn at the beginning, but once they hit a wall can feel overwhelmed and give up easily.

Expert Teachers Expert Teachers

Expert Teachers

Fully Equiped Fully Equiped

Fully Equiped

Funny and Happy Funny and Happy

Funny and Happy

Innovative Methods Innovative Methods

Innovative Methods

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Explore Learn Grow

Children learn by exploring their environment. But their exploring should happen in safe places and in ways that help them learn. As you see your child begin to discover her world, keep these ideas in mind:
1: What Is Normal, What Should I Expect
2: Helping Your Children Explore Safely
3: Understanding Play and Learning
4: Exploring with Questions.
5: Exploring with Books

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